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Purified water peparation equipment

Strictly according to the ISPE specification, design and manufacture of GMP, FDA standard of the Pharmaceutical water preparation system; according to different raw water quality, Geshen will provide customers with reasonable process design; Geshen recommended processing technology: multi media filter + activated carbon filter + soft +RO+EDI membrane process: ultrafiltration membrane filtration +RO+EDI product quality meet the latest version of GMP requirements.

The specialties of Geshen’s preparation equipment of water production

Distribution and cleaning are all fully controlled by PLC, which can reduce the labor cost.

• Higher water production rate, as far as possible to improve the comprehensive utilization of raw water.

The system can shifte to low-flux self-circulation state for standby when the purified water tank is full. Thus to reduce the risk of microbial contamination and the response time of restarting is short.

High machining quality, all the solder joints using rail automatic argon arc welding

Space saving modular design is adopted to our equipment

The dual softeners are placed in series to prevent stagnant water due to process equipment backup 

Low operational maintenance costs, simple and centralized equipment operation

Automatic control and sterilization


Multi-effect water distillator and pure steam generator

Geshen’s multi-effect water distillator with sedimentation separation way, to purify the raw water in chemical and biological process through gas-liquid phase transition and separation. In this process, pure steam come from the boiling water. During the distilling, tiny molecule impurity may stay in the steam in drop or mist type, remove these tiny drops and impurities by gravity sedimentation, including endotoxin. Purifed steam come into inject water after condensing. 99.999% of the endotoxin can be removed by this distillation way.