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Geshen has worked on sanitary vessel design and fabrication for several years, can meet client’s different special needs with rich experience.

Sanitary storage vessel- PW, WFI, perparation vessel

 ▪meet GMP standard, follow NB/T47003.1-2009 and GB150-2011 standard, design-fabrication and inspection according to ASME BPE

 ▪different types for client’s choice, meet clean validation with CIP/SIP fuction

 ▪stain-steel material with high anti-corrosion; pressure test inpection before delivery

▪protect inner lquid from external factor

▪main size: 1.volumn<30t  2.design pressure<1.6Mpa

▪Outer finish with dull surface,easy for clean and avoid light pollution; inner Ra can reach 0.2um with MP or EP

▪nozzel type design according to ASME BPE, total clean cover

▪installation model: vertical, horizontal or mobile


Sanitary heat exchanger

Heat exchanger with high quality 316L seamless steel tube.

Double tube plate design to prevent cross contamination.

Design of product contact side of the whole emptying.

Heat transfer channel no dead.

Design and manufacture according to FDA and cGMP requirements.

Design and manufacture according to customer requirements.

Minimum clearance design, under the premise of ensuring the safe operation, optimizing the design of minimum clearance heat exchangers, will per unit area of the heat exchange tube enhance the number of times more, greatly improves the per unit volume heat capacity.


Special vessel: fermentor,reactor, TA vessel…